International Summer Dance Workshop 2018


de! Kunsthumaniora Hedendaagse Dans en Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen Dans stellen voor: INTERNATIONAL SUMMER DANCE WORKSHOP 2018 van 20 tot 24 augustus. 

Deze dynamische, internationale dansweek (ISDW) biedt jonge,  gevorderde en professionele dansers technische hedendaagse en klassieke danslessen en creatieve workshops aan binnen een unieke sfeer en prachtige dansstudio's in Wilrijk/Antwerpen. 

ISDW is een samenwerking tussen de! Kunsthumaniora Hedendaagse Dans en de afdeling Dans van het Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerpen. 


de! Kunsthumaniora Hedendaagse Dans and Koninklijk Conservatorium Antwerp Dance present: INTERNATIONAL SUMMER DANCE WORKSHOP 2018 from 20th until 24th August.

This dynamic, international dance week (ISDW) offers young, intermediate, advanced and professional dancers classes in contemporary and classical dance and creative workshops within a unique framework and fantastic dance studio's in Wilrijk/Antwerp.

This International Summer Dance Workshop is a partnership between de! Kunsthumaniora Hedendaagse Dans and the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp Dance



ISDW, een dynamische, creatieve week voor dansers van verschillende achtergronden, ervaring en mogelijkheden die plaats heeft op 2 verschillende dynamische dansplekken in Antwerpen.

In onze studio's in Antwerpen/Wilrijk worden hedendaagse en klassieke danslessen en creatieve, choreografische workshops gegeven. 

In de ochtend kunnen de deelnemers een hedendaagse en klassieke dansles volgen. In de namiddag volgt er een dynamische workshop waarbij bewegingsmateriaal wordt aangeleerd en worden verschillende choreografische werkwijzen bekeken.

In the studio's van de Internationale Kunsten Campus deSingel worden workshops in inclusie dans en partnerwerk georganiseerd.

Op het einde van de week tonen alle deelnemers hun werk in de Internationale Kunsten Campus deSingel waarbij de mogelijkheid wordt aangeboden tot uitwisseling en discussie.


ISDW, a week of exciting contemporary dance for dancers of different backgrounds and abilities split into two parts and two dynamic venues.

In our studio's in Antwerp/Wilrijk we provide technique classes and creative, choreographic workshops.

The participants of the creative afternoon workshop will learn dynamic, highly physical movement material and explore new and different choreographic ideas. 

In the studio's of the International Arts Campus deSingel there will be workshops in integrated dance and partner work.

At the end of the week all participants will share their work in the International Campus of DeSingel in Antwerp and will have the opportunity to discuss, interact and share experiences.


Registration for International Summer Dance Workshop is now OPEN!

Inschrijving voor de ISDW is nu OPEN!

Dates: 20 August – 24 August 2018

Where: de! Kunsthumaniora Hedendaagse Dans

Kerklei 43, 2610 Wilrijk/Antwerp - Belgium



  • 14-16 years old - Full Summer Dance Workshop (2 classes/day + full workshop) €200 (leerlingen de! Kunsthumaniora €185)
  • 16+ Full Summer Dance Workshop (2 classes/day + full workshop) €220 (leerlingen de! Kunsthumaniora €200)
  • Price for 5 days - morning session or afternoon session (2 classes/day) €140 (leerlingen de! Kunsthumaniora €120)
  • One day pass / pas voor 1 dag  €50 (leerlingen de! Kunsthumaniora €40) - 4 classes or 2 classes + workshop 
  • 1 les / 1 class €20 (leerlingen de! Kunsthumaniora €15)

Techniek classes in the morning:

Advanced dancers 14 - 16 years old: 
Karin Heyninck (B) Classical ballet
Mathew Slater (UK) contemporary dance and workshop

16+ Intermediate and Advance:
Filip Van Huffel (B) - Contemporary Dance 
Altea Nunez (ESP) - Classical Dance for contemporary dancers

Luke Jessop (UK) - Workshop Intermediate

Jose Agudo (ESP/UK)  - Workshop Advanced / professional

Programme / Programma:

Dancers 14 to 16 years old

Studio 1 (ATDK studio)

  • 10u - 11u30: Classical Ballet / Klassiek Ballet: Karin Heyninck
  • 11u45-13u15: Contemporary / Hedendaags: Matthew Slater
  • pauze
  • 14u - 15u30: Workshop: Matthew Slater
  • 15u45 - 17u15: Workshop: Matthew Slater

Dancers 16+ Intermediate

  • 10u - 11u30: Contemporary (Studio 3 OHAD) Filip Van Huffel
  • 11u45-13u15: Classical Ballet (Studio 2 LARBI) Altea Nunez
  • Lunchpauze
  • Workshop Luke Jessop (Studio 3 OHAD)
  • 14 - 15u30 en 15u45 - 17u15

Dancers 16+ Advanced/Professional

  • 10u - 11u30: Classical Ballet (Studio 2 LARBI) Altea Nunez
  • 11u45-13u15: Contemporary (Studio 3 OHAD) Filip Van Huffel
  • pauze
  • Jose Agudo (Studio 2 Sidi)
  • 14 - 15u30 en 15u45 - 17u15

Prices / prijzen

  • 14-16 years old - Full Summer Dance Workshop (2 classes/day + full workshop) €200 (leerlingen de! Kunsthumaniora €185)
  • 16+ Full Summer Dance Workshop (2 classes/day + full workshop) €220 (leerlingen de! Kunsthumaniora €200)
  • Price for 5 days - morning session or afternoon session (2 classes/day) €130 (leerlingen de! Kunsthumaniora €110)
  • One day pass / pas voor 1 dag  €50 (leerlingen de! Kunsthumaniora €40) - 4 classes or 2 classes + workshop 
  • 1 les / 1 class €20 (leerlingen de! Kunsthumaniora €15)

Inschrijvingsformulier download HIER

Jose Agudo - Contemporary Dance / Hedendaagse Dans / Workshop

Jose started his career in Andalusia where he began performing as a Flamenco dancer. Slowly the world of contemporary dance became more visible as he worked throughout Europe performing with Charleroi/Danses, Ballet de Marseille, T.R.A.S.H, Shobana Jeyasingh Dance and Akram Khan Company.

As a rehearsal director and assistant choreographer Jose has worked on several creations for Akram Khan Company, including DESH, iTMOi, TOROBAKA, Until the Lions, Chotto Desh, London 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony, and Sylvie Guillem’s farewell tour Life in Progress.

In 2011, Jose started to study Kathak under Akram’s guidance. Finding many parallels between this training and his early studies of Flamenco, Jose reconnected with his roots and began to explore traditional forms in a contemporary context. As a result he created three works: Paradiso focused on Indian dance; Silk Road with Bharatanatyam artist Mavin Khoo; and Carmen with its strong influences from the Mediterranean and Flamenco.

Jose’s independent choreographic commissions also include, Ki for Phoenix Dance Theatre and English National Ballet School; Selah and Carmen for ZfinMalta Dance Ensemble; A Thousand Shepherds for ACE Dance and Music, later restaged with Cape Dance Company; and Arctic for LCDS; amongst several other creations.

During 2018 Jose will create commissions for Area Jeune Ballet and Norrdans, premiere his first short film Selah with co-director Matthew Beckett, and perform in his UK and international tour of Silk Road.

Luke Jessop - Contemporary Dance / Hedendaagse Dans / Workshop

Luke Jessop fell into dance at the age of fifteen, taking an academic route from school, college and then to the University of Bedfordshire on the BA (Hons) Dance and Professional Practice course. During his final year of study in 2011, he began working with 2Faced Dance Company for the creation of In The Dust. He toured with this triple-bill around UK, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Bulgaria. Since January 2012 Luke has been working in Brussels with Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus, creating and performing in booty Looting, Spiritual Unity and Talk to the Demon as well as performing in Oedipus/bêt noir, nieuwzwart and FEAR NOT. He is currently on tour with the latest revival of In Spite of Wishing and Wanting. Luke is heavily involved in floor-based techniques such as B-boying and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and continually wishes to push his creativity in an effort to create and develop new movement language. He regularly teaches workshops and classes and has recently founded his own company, Ion Tribe, looking to merge dance and science.

Altea Nunez - Classical Dance / Klassieke Dans

Altea Nunez gained her dance training at the school of Victor Ullate in Madrid, before joining his company. In 2001 she became a member of the Royal Ballet of Flanders as corps de ballet. She became half soloist in 2002, soloist in 2003 and she is first dancer of the company since 2006. Her most important parts are Julia in Romeo and Julia (A. Prokovski), Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nut Cracker (A.Prokovski), Myrtha in Giselle (M.Petipa), Gamzatti in La Bayadere (A.M.Holmes), Theme and variations and Divertimento 15 (G. Balanchine) and the parts of Aurora in Sleeping Beauty and Odette/Odille in Swan Lake (both from M. Haydée).

She worked together with choreographers as William Forsythe for IN THE MIDDLE SOMEWHAT ELEVATED, IMPRESSING THE CZAR, NEW SLEEP, HERMAN SCHMERMAN and ARTIFACT, with Jiri Kylian for FORGOTTEN LAND, with David Dawson for THE GREY AREA and THE THIRD LIGHT, with Nicolo Fonte for LIKE YOU, VIOLIN CONCERTO and CORNERED, with Douglas Lee for RUBICON PLAY, with Matjash Mrozewski for AMARANT, and with many more for several ballets.

She also took part in the gala performances in Spain and USA and danced as a guest with the company of Teresa Nieto in Madrid in 2010.

Recently Altea danced in Balanchine’s Who Cares ?, in Wayne Mc Gregor’s Infra, in If Memory Serves of Ashley Page, in Dream Weaver of Cameron Mc Millan and in Edward Clug’s Les Noces.

In 2016 Altea was invited to make world creation at The ballets de Santiago

Matthew Slater - Contemporary Dance / Hedendaagse Dans / Workshop

Matthew began dancing at the age of 17 whilst studying A-Level Performing Arts and went on to train at NSCD, graduating in 2005. He toured with VERVE before completing a postgraduate diploma at London Contemporary Dance School (LCDS), and toured internationally as a member of EDge to France, Denmark, Sweden and Portugal in work choreographed by Sue MacLennan, Trisha Brown and Siobhan Davies.

Upon graduating from LCDS Matt joined Yael Flexer’s Bedlam Dance Company and toured as part of her production of Doing, Done and Undone alongside working for Retina Dance Company in their graduate project PAGE1. He worked with Retina extensively between 2006 and 2014 as a dancer, rehearsal director and Education Manager, touring internationally to Belgium, Germany, Ireland and South Korea.

In 2010 Matt joined the staff at NSCD as Education & Community Dance Worker (later Learning & Participation Officer) and since 2014 has been a Lecturer in Performance (Contemporary), teaching contemporary technique, partner work, performance practice, choreography and repertory.

Class info:

"My work is very movement focused and is a hybrid of contemporary techniques that use full bodied connectivity to explore the ideas of weight, momentum, gravity, energy and expansiveness. My virtuosic vocabulary moves through the space and in and out of the floor with an emphasis on efficiency, use of breath and sensitivity.”

Karin Heyninck

Karin Heyninck genoot haar opleiding aan het Koninklijk Instituut voor Ballet te Antwerpen onder de Directie van Jeanne Brabants. Ze nam deel aan tal van internationale balletconcours.

Ze was soliste bij het Koninklijke Ballet Van Vlaanderen (Jeanne Brabants), Nederlands Dans Theater (Jiri Kylian) en het English National Ballet (Peter Schaufuss)

Sinds 2006 is zij actief als choreografe en leerkracht Klassieke Dans aan de! Kunsthumaniora Antwerpen. 

Filip Van Huffel

Filip Van Huffel werd aanvankelijk opgeleid in de Plastische Kunsten voordat hij zijn dansopleiding op 18 jarige leeftijd aanvatte. Hij trainde met een scala van hedendaagse en klassieke dansdocenten in Europa.

Filip werkte als danser bij Fray Faust, Claudio Bernardo, Marie De Corte, Compagnie THOR en Random Dance Company.

Sinds 1996 is hij danser, choreograaf en artistiek leider van het Vlaams/Britse Retina Dance Company. Zijn werk onderzoekt hoe pure, abstracte beweging een theatrale kwaliteit kan communiceren. Van Huffel's choreografie wordt gekenmerkt door heel lichamelijke beweging, meeslepende energie en baanbrekend partnerwerk. Met Retina Dance Company toerde hij o.a. in: Groot-Brittannië, België, Frankrijk, Duitsland, India, Italië, Portugal, Zwitserland, Zuid-Korea en Venezuela.

Filip is coördinator van de! Kunsthumaniora Hedendaagse Dans en leerkracht hedendaagse dans, docent choreografie aan de Lerarenopleiding van AP Conservatorium Antwerpen en freelance choreograaf.

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